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Conceived by:

1 x 52'
Nature & Wildlife
La Compagnie des Taxi-brousse
Pascal Cardeilhac / Arnaud Bouquet / Daniel Ferguson
Pascal Cardeilhac / Jérôme-Cécil Auffret
France 2

At the heart of the South-East Asia, there are impenetrable forests. Outstanding Men kept it an ancestral know-how: the taming of the elephants. We call them Bunong – the original people of mountains. For centuries, Bunong considers the elephants as their brothers of the forest. Together, they worked miracles. Majestic quoted from Angkor was built thanks to the ingenuity of the men, allied to the physical strength of their elephants. They live in harmony in this world of forests where a brilliant multitude reigns over the fate of the men and the animals.
Today this world is in danger. Forests shrink. The wild elephants become scarce, and new laws forbid Bunong to capture them. The last domestic elephants are the only treasure of Bunong. But they age. It would be necessary to make them reproduce themselves.
Bunong is hunters, no breeders. Their laws are strict. The most important of all, forbidden the sexual relations out of wedlock. Being brothers of the human beings, the elephants obey the same laws. Before making reproduce itself two domestic elephants, it would be necessary to push aside the taboos. In less, maybe, to marry the couple? Of memory of Bunong, such wedding has never taken place…

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