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1 x 52'
La Compagnie des Taxi-brousse
Véronique Préault
Véronique Préault

Radars on the ground that monitor the satellites of others, lasers in space that can destroy an opponent in flight, armed forces capable of blowing up a satellite, a drone that has just spent two years in space with no one knowing where it went… a global weaponization race is raging above our heads, far from our eyes. Satellites that were once unbreakable are now vulnerable to attacks… a new Achilles’ heel. The armies themselves become entirely dependent on orbiting spacecraft, making this territory already highly strategic, absolutely crucial.
The world is preparing for this true Space War.
The time has come to find out whether or not a Space War is going to happen, and to defend ourselves against it in order to find ways to contain one of the most catastrophic possible scenarios: global chaos.
On June 18th, Donald Trump announced the creation of a Space Force. Putin develops its own anti-satellite arsenal. Macron will double the French Defense budget for satellites.
The awareness is strong, the political postures are brutal. As if this circumterrestrial territory was about to become the stage for the next World War…
Polemics, defiance, intimidation… a threat that reminds of the great hours of nuclear dissuasion, or of the Cold War itself.
We question the very nature of a geopolitical and strategic game currently played in the suburbs of Earth. Behind the redrawing of the cards that generalized the access to space, we explore this new zone of conflict and economic interest as a reflection of tensions and ambitions on Earth. The rules are shifting at 36,000 km of altitude, and they are creating new challenges.

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