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1 x 52' - 4K
La Compagnie des Taxi-brousse
Thomas Delorme / Virginie Tetoofa
Thomas Delorme / Virginie Tetoofa
France Télévisions

Premiere @ FIPIM 2020

In Polynesia, a seashell is going to change the destiny of an entire country.
Thanks to the Japanese know-how and the dedication of a Polynesian man is born the wonderful Black Pearl of Tahiti, one of the most precious jewels in the world.
This is the family story of Petero Tupana, the first Polynesian pearl grafter, who changed the future of an entire archipelago. Petero narrates the epic story of his father, Ato, an outstanding mother-of-pearl diver who risked his life diving dozens of meters under the sea in search of the precious oysters. But due to the frequent diving accidents, the mother-of-pearl diving industry closed down and forced Polynesia to turn to mother-of-pearl farming and pearl culture.
Petero Tupana will become the pioneer of pearl grafting and a reference in this know-how that has become an art.
Today, the Tahitian black pearl is known throughout the world and is the pride of pearl producers and jewelers. How did the first cultured pearls appear in Polynesia? Who was the first Polynesian grafter? What is his story? Let us set out together on the traces of this pioneer who changed the destiny of a country.

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