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Conceived by:

1 x 26'
Art / Culture
La Compagnie des Taxi-brousse
Tanguy Malibert / Quentin Largouët
Tanguy Malibert / Quentin Largouët
Voyage / TV5Monde / Sky ART / ARTV

search of the most unusual and original works.

Rich in encounters, exchanges and discoveries as human, urban as artistic, each episode is a walk, an extraordinary guided tour, during which gradually a subjective portrait of a metropolis and the atmosphere that characterizes it. An intuitive and sensory vision, multiple, which challenges and finally captures, a modern and atypical image of urban space.

In Philadelphia, Tanguy and Quentin meet artists with particular passions, such as Jessie Hemmons, a knitting artist. Eager to contribute to urban art but without a real talent for drawing or other more common technique, she knits enough to dress her opinion in the streets of the city. Nosego, who is in love with Philly and is passionate about art, uses spray bombs as well as the brush to color the walls. Justin Tyner, an artist who recycles glass into an art object, shares the same passion for art. Tanguy Malibert and Quentin Largouet continue their exploration of urban art. They criss-cross the world’s cities in search of the most unusual and original works.

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