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Conceived by:

1 x 26'
Art / Culture
La Compagnie des Taxi-brousse
Tanguy Malibert / Quentin Largouët
Tanguy Malibert / Quentin Largouët
Voyage / TV5Monde / Sky ART / ARTV

Tanguy Malibert and Quentin Largouet continue their exploration of urban art. They criss-cross the world’s cities in search of the most unusual and original works.
Rich in encounters, exchanges and discoveries as human, urban as artistic, each episode is a walk, an extraordinary guided tour, during which gradually a subjective portrait of a metropolis and the atmosphere that characterizes it. An intuitive and sensory vision, multiple, which challenges and finally captures, a modern and atypical image of urban space.

Tanguy and Quentin visit Barcelona, including the alleys of Barrio Gotico. There they meet Gonzalo Borondo, a street artist who expresses his talent on shop windows or the street furniture of his neighbourhood with only a spatula as a tool. Txemy, on the other hand, is passionate about urban art, working with a spray bomb but in a completely different way than the one we know him. Finally, Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada gives expression to the city thanks to charcoal.

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